G.I.S. Mapping and Modeling of Existing Water and Wastewater Systems and Design of Water and Wastewater System Improvements

Location: Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo, Colorado
Owner/Client: Colorado State Parks – Rocky Mountain Region Service Center,
Mr. Shaun Gordon, Project Manager (719) 439-5128
Project Description: NorthStar Engineering and Surveying, Inc. was retained by Colorado State Parks to field locate and map all wet utilities (approximately 20 miles) at Lake Pueblo State Park. NorthStar then developed a working Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) model of all wet utilities at the park. Modeling software was then used to analyze the existing water system for deficiencies and improvement alternatives. NorthStar was subsequently retained to design recommended water system improvements including: piping, valve and fire hydrant replacements including line size upgrades, elimination of asbestos cement pipe, and system expansions to campground areas; remediation of existing water storage tanks and analysis of alternative system connective points; chemical feed system upgrades; booster pump station reconstruction/reconfiguration; backflow prevention improvements; and control system upgrades. Additionally, NorthStar was retained to prepare permit applications and design wastewater system improvements at two separate Wastewater Treatment Plants and three sewage lift stations. All wet utility improvements were designed to allow for construction over multiple project phases.